A Wild Imagination

I was watching a movie last night with my youngest son who just turned twelve and he kept interrupting the movie with out of the world questions. It all started with how he could get a girlfriend and ended with who Surrey escorts were. Apparently he had heard a classmates father discussing the agency with a friend when he was picking up his child from school. I wasn’t really sure what to say to any of these questions, so I kept telling him to ask his mother. But, unfortunately that did not cut it. The questions kept on coming and I kept ignoring them as I did not want to lead him in the wrong direction. His mother is particular about what he knows and I am not sure if all of this needs to be put into his head yet. Everyone knows how wild a little boys imagination can be, so if I say one wrong thing, it could turn into something completely different and much more ridiculous that what it started out as.

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New Year’s Eve promise to myself

I promised myself on New Year’s Eve that this would be the last time I’d be alone during the holidays. It’s not much fun to be single when everyone you know has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Even my grandfather brought a “date” to Christmas dinner!

My buddy Chris said if I really wanted to hook up with a nice looking, mature acting woman I should look into joining a fuck buddy dating service. He joined last year and hasn’t been without feminine companionship since then.

Right now he’s dating a really sweet, redhead named Emerson. She’s certainly gorgeous to look at but what I like most about her is how nice she treats Chris. She and Chris have a lot in common too. They both are going to school, volunteer at the local animal shelter and are total sushi freaks. He lucked out and I hope I will too.